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My journey towards health and wellness began in my early teens. As an emotional eater, frustrated with living in a larger body and feeling excluded during sports, I took charge of my health. I began to understand my body and embarked on a journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Over the years,  I witnessed many people around me struggle with their health. Recognizing that I too could face with challenge of  personal disease and the inevitable changes that accompany aging and menopause, I decided to pursue formal education in nutrition and hormonal health.  For the past 5 years have been working with individual and corporate clients. I have conducted wellness seminars, cooking classes and been invited to speaking engagements.

I am passionate about advocating for the transformative power of a lifestyle incorporating a whole food-based diet, regular exercise, timed eating and stress management to foster optimal health and longevity.  I work closely with each client to develop sustainable, healthy lifestyle habits tailored to their individual needs.

My approach includes personalized meal planning with detailed shopping lists and easy-to-follow recipes, setting realistic movement and sleep goals, implementing strategic eating schedules and lifestyle strategies.  I am also trained in DUTCH hormone testing, gut health testing and offer full supplement protocols through FullScript.

Menopause is inevitable, suffering is not

- Marie Claire Haver, MD

My Mission

My mission is to support you through your menopausal journey.  With your dedication to prioritizing your health and my experience in supporting you through this transformation, I believe that together we can empower you to make informed choices to navigate your menopause with confidence and vitality.

Personalized nutrition, lifestyle guidance, and holistic support will help you conquer those hot flashes, mitigate weight gain and stabilize moods so that you can enjoy optimal health and experience restful nights and vibrant days.  Let’s transform your menopausal experience into a new beginning, characterized by vitality, confidence, and profound well-being. 

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