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Let go of the noise and clutter of conflicting advice, and focus on what truly matters: your well-being and happiness. With my knowledge and guidance and your desire to live vibrantly,  you can embark on a journey of transformation that will lead to a fulfilling life. One where you walk into a room with confidence, radiating self-assurance.  A life where you say “no thank you” to cravings that no longer serve you, and where you wake up each morning feeling empowered to seize the day.

Are you ready to embrace this journey toward vitality and self-discovery? Let’s embark on this transformation together.


Premium Coaching

Ready to jump in feet first?    Let’s address your unique menopausal symptoms. Through personalized planning, focusing on nutrition and lifestyle, we will create a roadmap tailored to your unique needs and goals. With this support in place, you will regain your vitality and feel empowered to seize the day.



Not ready to jump in feet first but wanting to get a taste of what vibrancy feels like?  Then mini-resets are for you.  From managing breaks in routine, to fitting back into those great fall jeans to navigating holidays and bouncing back in the New Year, I will help you to get you back on-track with these mini-on-line group coaching programs.


Speaking Engagements

Could your workplace be a little more menopause friendly?   Do you and your girlfriends talk endlessly about the amount of conflicting information in the marketplace around menopause?  Let me help you and your colleagues and friends navigate through the noise to make informed decisions and empowered choices in regards to your well-being.

let's go on this transformative journey together!

Hear what others have to say...

vibrant clients

Jennifer Lane

Public Speaking Attendee

light hearted approach to nutrition advice..

Heather engages audiences with her humour, empathy and light hearted approach to nutrition advice…a topic fraught with emotion and divisive thinking!  

Robin Grant

Healthy Menopause cocktail hour

practical advice on managing symptoms through nutrition, exercise, sleep, and lifestyle..

What stood out to me was how dedicated Heather was to ensuring we had all the information we needed, including delicious mocktail recipes! She then followed up our meeting with a detailed summary email, making it easy for us to access and reference the insights shared. 

Vivian Carporal

Coast capital savings

Heather was so flexible in designing custom sessions..

As we transitioned from working remotely, we were thrilled to partner with Heather to organize a few on-line cooking classes for our team.   The sessions met the needs of our diverse group and her enthusiasm for food and nutrition was contagious.  It was just the kind of fun and connection our group needed!


MEnopause symptoms

A list of symptoms commonly associated with menopause.


Menopause Q&A

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